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We regret that due to a problem with our server the current 2014/2015 questionnaire is not available, we hope to have it back online shortly.

In the meantime you might like to try one of our previous questionnaires, the most recent being our 2011 Census questionnaire and, our most successful questionnaire ever, theĀ 2008/2009 CensusAtSchool Questionnaire. Use the links under ‘Taking Part’.

The Random Data Selector and Data Interrogation Tool are also available if you would like a sample of data for your class to work from. Use the links under ‘Get Data’.

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Effective tables and graphs – UK Government Guidance

The UK Government Statistical Service have recently produced a document with guidance on effective use of graphs and tables in official government statistics. This aims to “ensure that the graphs and tables we produce convey key messages quickly and effectively”.

Although this relates to official UK government statistics it could be used as a clear and concise guide for using graphs and tables in the classroom. If you are working on a data driven class project with lots of visualisations it would be very handy, especially in relation to #CensusAtSchool data.

In general:

  • Select the right graph for the job.
  • Make it ‘make sense’ without a long explanation or even without one…but don’t forget titles and references.
  • Focus on the ‘story’, what are you attempting to say / show.
  • Use colour sparingly, with restraint and consistency.

We would also add; only use Pie and Donut charts when absolutely necessary, some people would argue this is never, you decide.