International Data

This web facility enables you to take a random sample of the raw data collected for CensusAtSchool. These data are for use in your classroom or for your pupil’s projects.

You can choose from a number of databases containing data from children in the UK, Queensland, South Africa, New Zealand, South Australia or Canada. You choose to select from all data or you can choose responses from a particular region, age or gender depending on which database you choose.

Sample sizes allowed are up to 200 for UK, Canada, Queensland, New Zealand and South Australia, and 500 from the South African database.

The data contained in all but the South Africa databases were collected from volunteer schools. Any conclusions you make from the random samples you take should be framed with that in mind.

Once you have requested the data sample, this can be downloaded directly and will be in CSV (Comma Separated Value) format so that you can import it into your own software, whether this is Excel, OpenOffice, etc., ready for your analysis.

New: There is now a new Beta version of the DataTool that contains new data, you may continue to use the existing tool or the update version.