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About CensusAtSchool

This section is all about CensusAtSchool: what the project is, our aims and objectives.

What is CensusAtSchool?

CensusAtSchool - an International Children's Census

Collecting and disseminating real data for use by teachers and pupils in data-handling, ICT and across the curriculum for teaching and learning.

CensusAtSchool is a non-profit making project funded by organisations interested in promoting good use of statistics and data handling.

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Why register with us?

All of the resources on the CensusAtSchool website are free to download and use, unless otherwise stated.

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Brief History of the CensusAtSchool Project

The CensusAtSchool project started in 2000 in conjunction with the National Statistics Office and is now run by the International Centre for Statistical Education (ICSE) at Plymouth University.

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Data Protection Statement

The ICSE CensusAtSchool database stores the details you submit to us via the web registration interface. This database is owned and maintained by the ICSE, and all details are stored securely. We will NOT make the data you submit publicly available (for example, even on this website), nor will we give or sell a copy to any third party.

The main purpose of storing your details on the database is to enable us to fulfil our aim of keeping in contact with all colleagues who participate in the CensusAtSchool Project.

By registering with the project, for an event or service, you consent to your details being stored within the ICSE database for the purpose of administering, evaluating and reporting against this event or service; you will not receive any further follow-up information from the ICSE or the CensusAtSchool team other than in relation to the event or service you have registered for or requested.

You may ask to be removed from our database at any time. Please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Copyright and Permissions

This article will answer questions pertaining to the copyright, ownership and allowed uses of CensusAtSchool and related resources.

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