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Data Returns

Last week due to a technical issue here at the University there was no data returns for 2 days. The issue has now be fixed, accept, on Wednesday the 18th of May it will not be possible to return class data for a short period, until Thursday the 19th of May.

Please note that the usual return time is 72 hours, although in general the data is sent back within hours. Data can be taken from the RDS and DataTool at anytime.


CensusAtSchool 2015/2016 Questionnaire Random Data

We do not normally add the current CensusAtSchool UK Questionnaire data to the Random Data Selector until the end of the year however, this year to provide more options in the classroom and to assist any schools who wanted to take part in our Infographic Competition we added all the data collected.

Many schools have already taken part, producing over 600 pupil responses. Still, this is far less than normal, something to be aware of in addition to the usual caveats e.g. the sample is being taken from population data with a self-selecting bias and data has not been totally cleaned.

Access the RDS and get a sample from the 2015-2016 results for your class here: Random Data Selector.






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