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Winton Infographic Comptition

After some feedback from teachers we are now accepting late entries for the Infographic competition. We know it can take a while to prepare all the work for submission/email, especially if the class has multiple groups.

We have decided to run submissions right up to judging, second week of May, but please get your entries in as soon as possible.

To enter simply email your submissions to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . The short descriptions for each submission can be included in the email


CensusAtSchool 2015/2016 Questionnaire & Competition LIVE

The new CensusAtSchool UK Questionnaire is ready, if you know how it all works scoot over to our questionnaire page using the menu or click here.

In addition to the usual measurement questions (this year; height, arm span, hand span and finger length) the questionnaire looks at the attitude your class has to money. Are they a spender or a saver? How much would they pay for a pair of jeans? How would they spend a big Lotto win? Plus it looks at their use social media. How often do they check their social media account? Just how many status updates do they post each day?)

In addition to the questionnaire we are running a linked Infographic Competition, sponsored by Winton Capital Management, that will help cover parts of the Mathematics and Statistics curriculum for KS3 and KS4. Specifically being able to describe, interpret and compare using data, selecting appropriate graphical representations, constructing and interpreting appropriate tables, charts, and diagrams, and describing simple mathematical relationships between variables.

If you would like to take part in the competition you will find all you need to know at www.WinAtSchool.org.uk. For further advice and guidance, including getting your LEA and School codes, contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Infographic Competition - New Resource

From an early example of an Infographic from a pioneer in data visualisation to a more modern example by the Office for National Statistics. This resource takes learners through the process of developing returned CensusAtSchool data, or a random sample, into an Infographic.

This worksheet is aimed at Year 9 and 10 but may be used at another level. The expectation is that the class would have taken their measurements, submitted their results and had their data back before beginning the worksheet but there is no reason a random sample could not be used if you prefer to miss out the data collection stageā€¦this would provide the ideal opportunity to introduce a lesson on the ideas of sampling.

Any chart goes for the Infographic but as box plots and histograms are not straightforward in Excel some basic guides have been provided for pupils who wish to attempt them.

Can you name the famous statistician who produced this early example of an Infographic? This is an edited version but you can see the original in the worksheet.

Teacher and Pupil Worksheet

Excel Guides

Below are two examples of an Infographic using the returns form a single class, these are mock-ups although the data is real they have been produced by us not by pupils

For more on Nightingale's diagram you can view an animated version at Understanding Uncertainty, here: http://understandinguncertainty.org/coxcombs


CensusAtSchool 2015/2016 Questionnaire Random Data

We do not normally add the current CensusAtSchool UK Questionnaire data to the Random Data Selector until the end of the year however, this year to provide more options in the classroom and to assist any schools who wish to take part in our Infographic Competition we have added all the data so far collected.

Many schools have already taken part, producing over 600 pupil responses. Still, this is far less than we would normally have, something to be aware of in addition to the usual caveats e.g. the sample is being taken from population data with a self-selecting bias and data has not been totally cleaned.

Access the RDS and get a sample from the 2015-2016 results for your class here: Random Data Selector.






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