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New Australian Data Added!

New data from the Australian CensusAtSchool Project has been added to the Random Data Selector (RDS) and DataTool (DT). This is data from the 2013 (phase 6) Australian CensusAtSchool questionnaire, submitted by Australian school children;

  • Over 23,000 records.
  • Questionnaire remains almost unchanged from 2012 providing an opportunity for comparisons by year.
  • The questionnaire contains many core questions allowing international comparison (compare your class data).

You may download a sample of 200 using the RDS or use the DataTool to look at a sample in more detail online.

You can access the RDS here. The DataTool can be accessed here (Adobe Flash is needed for the DataTool).


CensusAtSchool 2013/2014 is now live!

Take part in the brand new questionnaire with your class now

This year our CensusAtSchool Questionnaire is comprised of 11 questions designed to return a diversity of continuous and discrete data for your class to explore.  We have developed an online mapping tool which returns the distances and time taken for learners to travel to school. 

Our new Stopping Distance Game enables learners to explore the effects of speed and reaction time on the braking distance of a car. 

Find out all you need to know to get started right now!


New 2011 Census Resources

How 2011 Census data shape your future

Three brand new resources based around the 2011 Census data and data visualisation tools are now available:


England and Wales have data - an investigation into the population, ethnicity and religion figures from the 2011 Census.

Should I stay or should I go? - explores whether it is better to move away or stay at home when going to university or getting a job.

2011 Census online quiz - based on the data from both the 2001 and 2011 Censuses for England and Wales.





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