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The following resources use data from the 2011 Census to explore areas of England and Wales for a diverse range of variables.

Introductory Lesson

2011 Census Map Analysis

Map User Guide - The resources listed on this page use interactive maps to obtain the relevant statistics. The user guide gives a step by step reference to these tools.


England and Wales have data

These resources are based on finding out about the population, religion and ethnicity of England & Wales using 2011 Census data and ONS data visualisation tools. Click the title links to launch the resource or use the .pdf links below each one to download and print.
Ethnicity Worksheet - Explores the ethnicity of England and Wales through a multiple choice worksheet (with web links for each question so students can find the correct answers). 
Population Worksheet - Students are encouraged to use ONS visualisation tools and data for the population of England and Wales in 2011 and throughout the history of the National Census. This resource has a starter and a main, which develops further insight into the reasons the population of England and Wales has changed over time.
Religion Worksheet - Explores the religion of the population of England and Wales through a multiple choice starter (with web links for each question to find the correct answers). The main for this topic gets pupils to look further in depth at what they have found and consider the reasoning behind their answers.

Should I stay or should I go?


This resource encourages students to consider what they would like to do after they leave school. The students firstly answer a short online questionnaire which decides which of the two resources are best suited to the student (University or Give us a job). The students then complete the resource and answer a final questionnaire to see if completing the resource has changed their preferences. For students that change their mind, their is the option to complete the alternative resource afterwards.


Part 1 - Initial Questionnaire 


Part 2 - Complete one of the following resource suggested in the initial questionnaire. 

  • University - Students to investigate whether it is better for them to move away to university or attend one in their local area. Using the data visualisation tools, students are asked to consider local area statistics  when considering their choice of university.
  • Give us a job - Designed for students who do not want to go to university, students are encouraged to  seek out information on jobs and salaries, cost of accommodation and average wages. 

Part 3 - Summary Questionnaire


Online Quiz

The quiz questions are based on data from the 2001 and 2011 Censuses for England and Wales. Test your and your students’ knowledge.

The quiz requires a 3 digit School LEA code and a 4 digit School Establishment code, these can be found on EDUBASE, if you just wish to test the quiz you may use the test codes 100 and 9999. The two versions below are exactly the same but display differently.

Launch the quiz - Embedded



Launch the quiz - Standalone


 Which Area?

This card game gets pupils to investigate the 2011 Census data to match cards on ethnicity, population, religion and travel to six different areas. There is also the option for pupils to make their own Top Trumps game to play using the Census data.







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